When holidays are over…

When holidays are over…

Summer is, for kids, the time for sun, water, games, sports and friends.
There are not many tasks or responsibilities…

In order to be well prepared for going back to school, it is important that, a few days before, kids start getting ready for this change.

  1. Introduce an earlierbedtime.
  2. It is suggested to always prepare everything at night before going to bed: uniform and backpack.
  3. Kids that haven’t had contact with their friends from school can have a play date a few days before in order to resume their social links.
  4. For those who are going to a new school it is very important to be able to visit the place beforethe beginning of the school year. The kid who becomes familiar with what’s new reduces a lot of anxiety.
  5. Finally, the hardest recommendation to achieve! Help kids to read and become aware of less-privileged kidswith more needs and difficulties, and show compassion towards them.
  6. That is something that ALWAYS helps others and increases self-esteem!

Diana Malca-Chern, LCSW

Registered Play therapy – Supervisor

Healingthrough Play, Corp.

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