Get Organized for Going Back to School

Get Organized for Going Back to School

Good habits and the right organizing tools will make the transition from summertime to school time that much easier. Here are some tips for creating an orderly, clutter-free school year:

Use a Family Calendar
A centrally placed calendar is essential for keeping your whole family organized. The larger the better, so there is enough space to include everyone’s activities.

Designate a Spot
Assign each child a home by the entryway for their gear. Backpacks can be placed on low hooks, and important school papers should be stored in a personalized folder or basket.

Do it Early
Preparing as much as possible in advance will help you avoid the crazed morning rush. Layout clothes, makelunch, and packthe backpack the night before.

Teach Good Habits
Explain your systems to your children. Show them exactly where to hang up their backpacks and where to put their papers.
Don’t assume your child is too young. Even a 2-year old can easily learn to place her shoes in her bin by the door.
Whenever possible make your kids part of the organizing process. Having them select a basket color, for instance, will give them a sense of ownership and encourage them to keep everything in order.

By Sarah Giller Nelson, mother of 2 and owner of Less is More Organizing Services,

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