Four Things You Need for an Organized School Year

Four Things You Need for an Organized School Year

Start out the school year right with these easy, kid-friendly time management and organizing tips:

1. A Family Calendar
A centrally placed calendar is essential for keeping your whole family organized. The larger the better, so there is enough space to include everyone’s activities.

2. Bins for Paperwork
Each child should have a box or basket to collect their schoolwork, forms, and other paperwork that comes home from school each day. Teach your children to empty their folders into this bin after they walk in the door.

3. Lunch Prep Zone
Dedicate a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen to the containers, water bottles, baggies, non-perishable snacks, and anything else you use to pack lunches. On the weekends and during breaks, store lunchboxes in this area as well.

4. Large Clock
Keep everyone on track to arrive at school on time by placing easy-to-see clocks around the house.

Whenever possible make your kids part of the organizing process. Having them select a basket color, for instance, will give them a sense of ownership and encourage them to keep everything in order.

By Sarah Giller Nelson, mother of 2 and owner of Less is More Organizing Services,

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