Stress return to class.

Stress return to class.

“Mommy, I don’t think I can do this,” said my 7 year old the first day of school, while we waited it was time to enter the classroom.

Everyone wants vacations, to have fun and get away from the routine we do when our children are in class. Waking up early, taking and picking them up from school, and doing homework … but when we have a month with the kids at home we want to go back to that routine. However, the start of a new period of class brings a huge amount of emotional stress for kids and parents. It is important to start planning together, sharing the purchase of school supplies and talking about new challenges ahead. Just as it is also essential to return to the discipline and schedules at least one week before they start school. Only then we will help our children feel less stress when they return to class.

Margherita Laudi

Psychologist/Vocational Educational

Cel (305) 458 2478

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