The child-friendliest breeds - Las razas más amigas de los niños

The child-friendliest breeds

Labrador Retriever: dedicated to please others. They are the therapists that help blind people and cooperate during rescues.

Beagle: loving and playful. They are curious and sweet, and love to play outdoors.

English bulldog: educated, kind and adaptable. They integrate very well into the family’s activities.

Goldendoodle: they are mixed breed, a cross of golden retriever and poodle. Sociable, intelligent and easy to train, they get along very well with other pets of the house.

German Shepherd: despite their big size, they are adorable. They are protective and tame with the members of the family.

Regardless of breeds, the trend and the awareness towards animal care encourages adopting puppies instead of buying them. It is a good way of teaching children that dogs are living beings just like them and they don’t have a price. That is why, at the moment of adopting a pet, it is important to consult with a specialist in order to know how the animal will be like when it grows up and if it is fit for living with children.

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