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Back to School – a time full of emotions!

The kids are going back to school!! Parents feel a mixture of relief and guilt.

excited and scared…
the children feel excited and scared, sad to stop the vacation and worried about the unknown.
separation anxiety awakens, and routine preparation might create stress and frustration.
the good news is that all emotions are TEMPORARY and if we view them as such coping with them is much easier.
Having some ideas on how to deal with feelings would help.
when it comes to anxiety, worries and fears, the best thing is know what are we afraid of, what is the child worried about, and then tackle the fear in tiny small steps.

for example, if your child is scared of going to school the first day, first step is prepare the night before, find something cool to take to school, some colored pencil, special eraser, a picture from the summer.

getting in the car is an accomplishment, making a joke on the way to school, remembering the feeling will fade away pretty fast because its temporary! and finally, remembering that all was done last year, friends were made, new teachers became familiar teachers….

if the anxiety is magnified, parents might need help from a professional to help understand the child better.

Diana Malca-Chern, LCSW, RPT-S

Child Psychotherapy
Healing Through Play, Corp.

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