Autism month -

Autism month – To bring awareness to the community

April 2nd was Autism Day and the Month of April is known as Autism month to bring awareness to the community. It is known that 1 in 68 children are being diagnosed with Autism in the United States. Autism has different ranges of severity but either way it impacts and touches all the families. Autism Speaks had there walk at Doral Central Park on April 2nd to fundraise and bring awareness. Thousand of individuals impacted by Autism were present. The organization was able to fundraise approximately $324,000. Also the White House was lit blue to bring awareness.

Jesse’s Place Too, Inc. has decided to do a campaign to sell items in honor of the owner’s son who is high functioning Autistic. Proceeds of her items will either go to Autism Speaks or The Dan Marino Foundation. The owner has decided to also fundraise for the Dan Marino Foundation because her son is an inspiring Sports Broadcaster and has been motivated and inspired by Mike Marino – the son of Former NFL Dolphin’s Player and Currently Sports Broadcaster Dan Marino.

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Her items include a shirt Designed by Alina from Peace Love World who has also been impacted by Autism as her nephew is Autistic. Kids shirts are $20 and Adults $30. For every shirt sold $5 will go to the Dan Marino Foundation.

She is also selling socks designed by two young boys that are owner’s of Are You Kidding. The young boys have been inspired to give back to the community by designing socks that bring awareness to different causes. Socks are being sold for $10. For every sock sold $2 will go to Autism Speaks.

Lastly bows and jewelry are also on sale and a portion of the proceeds will either go to Autism Speaks or The Dan Marino Foundation.

You can check out her Instagram or Facebook at jessesplacetoo.

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