About us

Kidsbook, a mommy’s guide, was created for busy moms that care about the wellbeing of their children and are eager to share their learning experiences. This 36-page bi-monthly guide takes you through the world of shopping, activities, places to go, do and see as well as birthday parties, community events, photography, health and exercise, among others.  By simply, picking up our free issue on selected locations or visiting us online, moms and mothers- to- be will find options to make their lives easier, fun and meaningful for them and their lovely ones.

We understand the needs of a mom, their busy schedules and the importance of family values.  Based on those values, Kidsbook provide them with important editorial content on health and nutritional tips to teach their kids from early stages the importance of growing up healthy, both mentally and physically.

The content quality of this bilingual publication and the exclusivity of our target audience make us unique, not to mention the best tool at reach for busy “moms on the go”.  If you are a corporate mom or a stay-at-home mom, we urge all to browse our site to discover informative and creative ways to develop a great relationship with your kids while having fun.

Remember, today is the first day to begin creating forever memories with your children. Let Kidsbook, help you create those memories.

Kidsbook Team of professionals are “Moms on the go” like you that put families first.
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