Oral health during pregnancy

Experts are pointing out how important it is for pregnant women to check their oral/dental health, especially during the second trimester of their pregnancy, since the typical main problems of pregnancy, such as cavities, gingivitis, symptoms of infections and gum diseases can affect the mother’s and the fetus’ general health. [...]


Childhood fears: a phase to be close to your kids

When kids grow and discover the real world, they start to feel some fears that are common in the early childhood: fear of the dark, fear of being abandoned, of going to school, of animals or even fear of their parents getting separated. [...]


How to help your child transition into school?

What to do before and during those three first weeks?

The first day of school is an exciting milestone in your child’s life. As wonderful as this new experience may be, it could also be quite stressful. It is common for even the most outgoing child to be anxious on the first day of school. [...]

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